The membership of the IORWG is growing rapidly. Originally the IORWG was founded in 2006 by 17 member Central Banks; membership has now grown to 98 leading Central Banks, Monetary and Supervisory Authorities world wide.

Who can join?

IORWG welcomes and encourages new members. IORWG membership is open to any central bank, monetary and supervision authority that has an strong willingness to share sound&good practices and to support IORWG expert group research activities.

To apply, prospective members are asked to complete an application letter setting out their intent to join.

Members commit themselves to participate regularly in the Working Group activities, to contribute actively in free and open discussions and to formulate proposals regarding operational risk management.

Latest Alerts


15th IORWG Conference 2020

We are pleased to announce that the 15th annual conference will take place in Ireland, hosted by Central Bank of Ireland, 2020.

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