Risk Repository

IORWG provides members with an updated operational risk profile for central banks to be used internally as a benchmark.
The objective of the risk repository is to improve the understanding of operational risk profile of central banks through a comprehensive and meaningful risk event collection, as well as to promote operational risk consistency practices in addressing these issues across countries.

The risk collection research has been specifically designed for facilitating comparative analysis across NCBs by benchmarking operational risk profiles at international levels, fostering the reduction on the subjectivity embedded on the most important piece of the OR puzzle in central banks: The Risk and Control Self-Assessment Process.

Functions Researched

  • Core functions
    • Banknotes
    • Market Operations
    • Monetary Policy
    • Payment Systems
    • Research
    • Statistics
    • Supervision
  • Support functions
    • Budget, Planning and Financial Accounting
    • Communication
    • Facilities, Premises and Health & Safety
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Legal Issues

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